About Us

Thank you for your interest in Mobile Pet Groomers!
We are a couple who are passionate about animals and their wellbeing. We love to help owners and their pets. We know grooming is time consuming and that you’d rather be playing with them!

We saw a real need for our services - especially with rescued or nervous animals who cannot do long days in crates and car drives. We take the utmost care and time so your pets learn to love and trust us. We use our own equipment, such as towels to dry and show grade shampoo/conditioner (which is fine for hypoallergenic dogs and cats). Our brushes are of high quality and are cleaned before each home visit.
Monthly appointments can be arranged.

Areas of Operation

We operate exclusively in the following Upper Highway areas of KwaZulu Natal (South Africa):

Monteseel, Drummond, Bothas Hill, Hillcrest, Waterfall, Crestholme, Winston Park, Summerveld, Assagay, Gillets, Everton, Kloof and Forest Hills.

Our Prices
Dog Bath (small to medium)


Dog Bath (large to extra large)


Cat Bath




Brush (normal coat)


Brush (long / thick coat)




Need more? Just ask!

Scissor Trim Touch-Ups (small to medium)


Scissor Trim Touch-Ups (large)


Perks of Mobile Pet Groomers

  1. Convenient. No more long drives or crates.

  2. Pet Personality. We have experience with nervous animals and take utmost care.

  3. Really Mobile. We are on a bike and require client facilities such as access to water hence our wonderful prices.
  4. Quality Stuff. Your animals will be left shiny and conditioned with our show brand shampoos and quality brushes.
  5. And so much more. Teeth and ear cleans can be arranged.

Nails nails nails...

Nail trims stressful? Often have to go to the vet for anaesthetic and risk involved situations? We offer calm safe nail trims at your own home with safe calming techniques. We also have muzzles which actually calm and soothe your pups.

And don’t forget plenty of belly rubs to to ease the anxiety!

Still can't find what you're looking for?

Contact us and ask away! We like people too!
We will always do our best to answer any queries you may have.

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